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Mentor Merlin believes in a simple theory which states action is the foundational key to all success. So don’t be embarrassed by your failures and confusions. Considering the desire and need of each person who has the willingness to learn, we have identified that, providing a platform to have a sufficient self assessment is inevitable.

Mentor Merlin has come up with an outstanding idea to provide a free platform for the learners to access our online course room for a time span of 7 days. Here you can create your own Login Id and password and can access the highly researched materials prepared by our team of expert mentors and assess yourself by your instant online scores. Here you can go through the tests of all modules of IELTS and decide the distance that you have to travel to your dream destination.

Pull up the chair…….come join us……analyze your level….whatever your position in English may be… we are ready to contribute our maximum and join our hands to your dream band score.

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