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Mentor Merlin’s NMC CBT online practice and NMC CBT mock test includes previously asked Latest NMC CBT exam questions and answers. Our NMC CBT Exam Preparation course is developed by a team of well experienced nursing professionals. We update our NMC CBT guide to the nurses seeking nursing jobs in the UK regularly, hence Mentor Merlin CBT material is based on the upgraded syllabus with constant researches.

Our NMC CBT training materials include Course Room 1 with 101 must learn topics for CBT, Course Room 2 covers Over 750 most frequently asked NMC questions with correct answers, explanations, and references, and Course Room 3 familiarises scenario based and most recent questions from NMC CBT Test. Both Course Room 2 and 3 contains Multiple Choice Questions in the same format as that of the actual Computer Based Test of NMC including CBT critical questions. To know more about UK NMC CBT Click Here

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NMC CBT Course Room 3

NMC Part 1 CBT Crack Course- Course Room 3 – Do a Mock Test

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Mentor Merlin NMC CBT Mock Test is available on Google Play Store

Mentor Merlin NMC CBT Mock Test is available on Google Play Store

NMC CBT Course Room 1 By Mentor Merlin
UK NMC CBT Course Room 2 By Mentor Merlin
NMC CBT Course Room 3 by Mentor Merlin
Free Unlimited NMC CBT Mock Test by Mentor Merlin
UK NMC CBT Exam Questions and Answers By Mentor Merlin

There are several websites which offers CBT sample mock test and online practices. But non of them can be defined as a dedicated and exclusive NMC CBT training source. In 2016 an exclusive website with dedicated NMC CBT Mock Test and Online Practice comes forward to help the nurses across the world to make their dream come true. Mentor Merlin Exam! The training materials include previously asked questions and it keeps updated by the UK healthcare professionals. Also Mentor Merlin have consultants to follow up the candidates to collect the questions asked for their test.

Mentor Merlin is the largest and leading NMC CBT training provider. We have more number of courses to offer than any of the other trainers. There are more than 1000 previously asked questions and answers in our question bank.Nurses can access our training  Overseas Nurses can access the latest 2018 syllabus oriented training material with answers in full step. Our NMC CBT Online Practice is designed and being updated regularly by the UK healthcare experts.

Mentor Merlin Exam is the only website providing Free CBT Mock Test in the exact format of NMC CBT, 120 questions in 4 hours with answers in full step, review and resume options with training assistance. Our website is compactable with all devices (Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile phone of Android, Windows, Mac) and browsers (Chrome, safari, explorer). 

Nurses can make utilize the resources in various options made available my Mentor Merlin according to their need.  New candidates can sign up to access the courses available, whereas the existing users can directly access the course rooms by logging in with their user id and password. All the eligible resources for the candidate will be displayed on my profile of each candidate. For assistance nurses can you use the online chat facility available in all the pages. 

NMC CBT Course Room 2

NMC Part 1 CBT Crack Course- Course Room 2 – How It Looks Like

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