Mentor Merlin’s IELTS course is unlike any other course you may find online. We have a learner centred approach in all aspects; thereby each student gets a personalised study plan with individual attention from the tutor. Once you begin the course, you can monitor your progress from day 1 through your profile. All sessions will be handled by the tutors in real time across convenient video conferencing platforms. They will evaluate your daily performance and update your profile.

Mentor Merlin also provides IELTS reading and listening mock tests, which is truly innovative in its approach. Simulated from previous IELTS question samples, the mock tests give you a feel of the real exam, with results available at the end of the test. You can also test your mettle by actively participating in group discussions with other IELTS candidates.

Course Plan

Candidates registering to Mentor Merlin’s IELTS Course will have to undergo a Pre-IELTS training first, for 1 month duration. Based on our understanding of your proficiency level at end of this, you will be suggested an approximate number of hours for your IELTS training.

We provide a total of 75 hours training for 1 month duration. You will have daily practice tests which you must complete by next day’s session. Test results will be reviewed by the tutor and necessary feedback for improvement will be given. At the end of the month you will be taking a mock test to assess yourself, and depending on the result we will give guidance on how to move forward with taking the actual IELTS exam.

Course Schedule

Mentor Merlin’s IELTS course includes comprehensive tasks in each module.
On day 1 you will be given a briefing about the course schedule followed by an introduction from the tutor. They will give you details on the IELTS exam pattern and how each module will be covered.

In the one month plan, you will get 22 days of practice with an additional 8 days as backup in case of any missed session or for extra tutorials on demand.  Over this duration you will get

  • Writing- 27 hours
  • Reading- 22 hours
  • Listening- 15hours
  • Speaking- 11 hours

All reviews will be posted online after each class, and the tutor will handle a feedback session everyday regarding the previous day’s work.

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