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CBT Mock Test 1

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#1 A newly diagnosed patient with Cancer says “I hate Cancer, why did God give it to me”. Which stage of grief process is this?

#2 What is the purpose of clinical audit?

#3 The most commonly injured carpal bone is:

#4 Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) is made up of 3 component parts and these are:

#5 A resident is due for discharge from your nursing home. You have been his key worker for the last five years, and his family has been appreciative of the care you have provided. One of the relatives has offered you cash in an envelope after saying goodbye. What should you do?

#6 One of your residents has been transferred from the hospital to your nursing home after having been admitted for a week due to a chest infection. On transfer, you have noted that he had several dressings on his thighs, which he has not had before. What should you do?

#7 Recognition of the unwell child is crucial. The following are all signs and symptoms of respiratory distress in children EXCEPT:

#8 Which of the following is NOT a risk factor for ectopic pregnancy

#9 You have answered a phone call after receiving handover. The person you were talking to has explained that he needs to find out about his sisters condition. What should you initially do?

#10 A carer has reported that she has seen a resident fall off his bed. What initial assessment should be done?

#11 During your medical rounds, you have noted that Mrs X was upset. She has verbalised that she misses her family very much, and that no one has been to visit lately. What would likely be your initial intervention?

#12 After having done your medication rounds, you have realised that your patient has experienced the adverse effect of the drug. What will be your initial intervention?

#13 Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by compression of which nerve

#14 A patient got admitted to hospital with a head injury.Within 15 minutes, GCS was assessed and it was found to be 15. After initial assessment, a nurse should monitor neurological status

#15 After instructing the client on crutch walking technique, the nurse should evaluate the client’s understanding by using which of the following methods?

#16 A woman reports of per vaginal bleeding 48 hrs after normal vaginal delivery. What is this type of postpartum haemorrhage classified as?

#17 You saw a relative of a client has come with her son, who looks very thin, shy & frightened. You serve them food, but the mother of that child says “don’t give him, he eats too much”. You should:

#18 You would refer to the early phase of scar tissue formation as which of the following kinds of tissue?

#19 On admission of a service user, you have done an informal risk assessment for pressure sores, and you have noted that the patient is currently not at risk. What will be your next step?

#20 You were on the phone with a family member, and one of the carers has reported that one of your residents has stopped breathing and turned blue. What should you do first?



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