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#1 Mr Smith has just been certified dead by the General Practitioner. However, no arrangements have been made by the family. What should you do first?

#2 Mr Marriott, 21 years old, has been complaining of foul smelling urine, pain on urination and night sweats. What further assessment should be done to check if he has Urinary Tract Infection?

#3 A patient with a nutritional deficit and a MUST Score of 2 and above is of high risk. What should be done?

#4 According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidelines, examples of the Personal Protective Equipment are:

#5 Based on the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Guidelines, which of the following is incorrect about sharps container?

#6 How do you prevent the spread on infection when nursing a patient with long term urinary catheters?

#7 In a nursing and residential home setting, how will you manage your time and prioritise patients’ needs whilst doing your medication rounds in the morning?

#8 Your patient has been recently prescribed with PEG feeding with a resting period of 4 hours. After two weeks of starting the routine, he has been having episodes of loose stool. What could be done?

#9 You have noticed that the management wants all residents to be up and about by 8:30 am, so they can be ready for breakfast. Mrs X has refused to get up at 8 am, and she wants to have a bit of a lie in, but one of the carers insisted to wash and dress her, and took her to the dining room. What type of abuse in in place?

#10 You are preparing a client with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) for discharge to home. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include?

#11 The nurse is reading a health care providers (HCP) progress notes in the patients record & reads that the HCP has documented “insensible fluid loss of approx 800 ml daily”. The nurse interprets that this type of fluid loss can occur through which route?

#12 Which of the following techniques is advisable when obtaining a urine specimen in order to minimize the contamination of a specimen?

#13 Which is not a cause of postural hypotension?

#14 Which is not an expected side effect of lumbar tap?

#15 A client was diagnosed to have infection. What is not a sign or symptom of infection?

#16 What is respiration?

#17 You noticed that a colleague committed a medication administration error. Which should be done in this situation?

#18 Why are elderly prone to postural hypotension? Select which does apply:

#19 An adult has just returned to the unit from surgery. The nurse transferred him to his bed but did not put up the side rails. The client fell and was injured. What kind of liability does the nurse have?

#20 Patient asks for information about Alcoholics Anonymous. Select the nurses best response.



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