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CBT Mock Test 3

1000’s of Free NMC CBT Questions and Answers

Largest Online NMC CBT Question Bank – Previously Asked CBT Questions and Answers

#1 Which medication to maintain abstinence would most likely be prescribed for patients with an addiction to either alcohol or opioid?

#2 What is the difference between denial and collusion?

#3 When to give broad spectrum antibiotics

#4 Causes of gingival bleeding?

#5 Describe the breathing pattern when a patient is suffering from Opioid toxicity:

#6 Which is not part of Tuckman’s team formation

#7 Signs of denture related stomatitis include all except:

#8 Drug available as 20mg/5ml, the prescription is for 40mg, how many ml should be given?

#9 You are required to give 1750 units Heparin. The solution contains 1000units/ml. What volume would you draw up?

#10 An adult has signed the consent form for a research study but has changed her mind. The nurse tells the patient that she has the right to change her mind based upon which of the following principles.

#11 A nurse is not trained to do the procedure of IV cannulation. Stil she tries to do the procedure . You are the colleague of this nurse. What will be your action?

#12 The nurse is in the hospitals public cafeteria & hears two nursing assistants talking about the patient in 406 .they are using her name & discussing intimate details about her illness which of the following actions id best for the nurse to take?

#13 250mg is prescribed, tablets are 125mg each – how many tablets would you administer

#14 A nurse demonstrates patient advocacy by becoming involved in which of the following activities?

#15 In the role of patient advocate, the nurse would do which of the following?

#16 A nurse is caring for a patient with end-stage lung disease. The patient wants to go home on oxygen and be comfortable. The family wants the patient to have a new surgical procedure. The nurse explains the risk and benefits of the surgery to the family and discusses the patient’s wishes with the family. The nurse is acting as the patient’s:

#17 Which of the following is an important principle of delegation?

#18 A staff nurse has delegated the ambulating of a new post-op patient to a new staff nurse. Which of the following situations exhibits the final stage in the process of delegation?

#19 Which of the following is a specific benefit to an organization when delegation is carried out effectively?

#20 The nurse manager of 20 bed coronary care is not on duty when a staff nurse makes serious medication error. The client who received an over dose of the medication nearly dies. Which statement of the nurse manager reflects accountability?



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