1. Thank you MM and whatsapp group. The discussions between the test takers here and providing rationale really helps in the exam. Just read NMC code, the notebook and keep on answering tests and questions provided here. And if you’re in doubt, search for literatures and post it in the group.

    Thank you all. See you in the UK! I wish you all success

    1. Thank you Shayne and Congratulations for your success…..Have a great future

  2. Hi guys passed exams. I will like to thank everyone u all contributed to my sucess. Pls if u have d mean subscribe even for 3days it will help u. Read to understand most questions are from MM just paraphrased

    1. Hi Jessica………congratulations for your successs

  3. Thank you very much
    I will not be able to make it without the help of this course. Thank you!

    1. Congratulations Ara!!!………Have a great future dear

  4. First of all thanks to Lord Jesus. N Mentor Merlin. In the beginning I was blank,Once I subscribed mm I got an idea n confidence. All questions which I encountered from mm but was paraphrases. So, I strongly recommending all candidates to do crack course with Mentor Merlin. Thank u so much

    1. Congratulations Veenus for your success

  5. Hello everyone..
    I am an ambassador of MM by the special grace of God.

    When I passed OET last Sept, I didn’t know where to start from to prepare for CBT.

    I was determined about passing it on the first sitting but didn’t know where to start.

    I bot the RM textbook but it was too voluminous to study.

    I needed to focus and be specific.

    So I requested to join CBT groups on FB.
    MM accepted me and told me about the subscription offer..

    I was determined to succeed and didn’t mind using my last cash to subscribe to a One Month Plan (putting into consideration family life, etc)

    So my journey started..
    The success stories of others inspired me..
    The sad ones also inspired me to give more time to study and prayers..

    When I was confident enough, I booked for the exam.
    I finished everything and did review in 3hours. And before One Hour after my exams..I logged in to check behold I passed..

    Thanks to the study guide via MM and all Glory to God.
    I encourage everyone to do yur part be studying.. Use the Course Room 1 and 2.

    Ask questions if in doubt, check textbooks for confirmation.

    Pray for Favour.

    And God will see us all through. Amen

    1. Hi Xenio, Congratulations for your success!!!….Thank for your most feedback

  6. Hai All… I am Tessy….
    I cleared CBT today… and I like to suggest to all my group members… that Mentor Merlin is really useful for me…. My friend suggested me about this app….. I would like to thank each and every mentors who helped me to achieve my goal….
    From my experience…. course room 700 mcqs is really helpful…. if you study and understand each questions, options and rationale… then u can surely pass the exam…

    1. Congrats Tessy !!! Thank you for your feedback…..Have a great future

  7. hi, I cleared CBT, thanks for your support

    1. Hi Anu, Congratulations!!!

  8. Thank you For MM. I had 10 days to practice and answering 700 qs in MM. today I passed my cbt exam. Most of the questions were discussed as well as the computation. Just keep answering those questions and read the rationale. You can also pass the exam.

    1. Congrats Angelica, thank you for your feedback…..all the best!!!

  9. Guys just to encourage you all. You can do this. You just need to study, practice questions and pray. MM is doing a great job with their crack course with over 80 topics to cover and 700 questions to go through and several mock test. The premium group oh I love it. It helped me pass. If you can subscribe please do. You definitely won’t regret it

    1. Hi Anganga, Congratulations for your success!!!

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