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  1. Good website. Thank you for making me pass the CBT

  2. Good website. I passed CBT just by studying with your materials.

  3. Thank you Mentor Merlin for your valuable materials and constant support for helping me to achieve this grand success.All questions asked were from mentor merlin..For all test takers in future ,do all questions in the mentor merlin course room and attend as much as mock tests,also give more attention to the recent questions posting in the mentor merlin CBT watsup group ,together with Almighty s grace,your success is not far.Thanks one again to MM..

    1. Congratulations dear!!! You really deserve it..

  4. Hello friends with God grace and your support i cleared CBT.. Thank you all for the support.. Please go through all the questions in course rooms .review the 750 questions in MM.Almost 90% questions are from that. All repeated questions.. All answers are tricky

    1. Congratulations Lakshmi!!! Thanks for your feedback..

  5. Thank you lord and thank you all of my friends in this platform who has helped me to pass today’s CBT exam.All questions come from one of our friends note(Freddy Michael) who has sent this morning.Special thanks for him,Manju and Chinny for ur prayers.

    1. Well done dear!!! You really deserve it…

  6. Thank you MM for this wonderful support… Without your help definitely I couldn’t crack this in a short duration..
    Dear members of this group u can also make it possible with the help of course rooms and very active WhatsApp group in MM

    1. Congrats Pratheeksha!!! Thanks for your feedback…

  7. My take in my joining with CBT is that I will definitely wouldn’t have made it without premium group!!! No matter what book you may have as a study tool….because this group CRACK open every single question out there to expose the key words and stem and expose answers….if I say that I only depended on MM materials & structures questioning as well as the premium group, I am not lying, for it is the absolute truth.

    So, I am saying a mighty thank you to my God almighty first for his mercies and a very big fat thank you to MM…you all are awesome. May my God continue to grant you grace to continue to assisted millions like me out there….

    To you out there, still contemplating to join please don’t waste any more of your precious time…I did that….lol, it’s well. Once again, thanks and thanks again!

    1. Congratulations dear!!! I appreciate your success…

  8. Thanks so much. I passed my cbt. You were really helpful. God bless you

    1. Well done Tracy!!! All the best for your future…

  9. I have passed Cbt
    Thank you so much for your support :pray::pray:

    1. Congratulations Anusha!!! Thanks for your feedback…

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